vintage images

Vintage Images

So many reference books, so little time. It actually started with a book of Bach keyboard partitas on brittle, acidified-paper, withdrawn from the music library where I once worked. They are sacred texts; I couldn’t throw them away. I made earrings out of some snippets. Then I snipped a Handel’s Messiah. Then a Bach Mass in B-minor. Then atlases hopelessly full of Soviet Union and Rhodesia and then…

Golden Book encyclopedias from the late 1950’s. Boy playing with erector set, girl playing with dolls, mother in heels shoving casserole in the oven. What else could I do but cut that up? Also the beautiful bird drawings of Arthur Singer from a falling-apart field guide (See Mew Gull). Also handmade Nepalese paper, origami paper, an Animal Crackers box.

Also go-go wrapping paper that wishes it were a minidress.

And some knitting tips.

And another stunning work of birdcraft by Arthur Singer — captured on a reversible double pendant.

And clearly I can’t resist the double-pendant form:

Beautifully fascinating and macabre:
Detail from Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas.
Literally, not figuratively,
two Fridas.

And now for something completely crabby:
An image reproduced from my original hand-cut paper snowflake.


Orange Scissor Art
Paper + Scissors + Wood = Awesome